About us

Fairs is the Swedish digital media company which publishes information and news about Trade shows and other conferences and some other events. The information on Fairs contains facts from the exhibition organizers worldwide. The Trade Show information from Fairs is available for those who are interested in Fairs, Conferences and events.
Fairs promotes also marketing with a more effective way for those who are interested in Trade Shows, Buseness to business (B2B), Conferences and Business to Consumer (B2C). We are marketing Trade shows, Conferences, exponytt, Exhibitions and locations to organizers, exhibitors, participants and visitors of all kind of the EVENTS. We have different and more effective marketing services and we are 100% oriented to results.

Our visitors/readers are seeking information about Trade shows, Conferences, companies, products. Our focus is mainly on news products and services that are presented at Trade Shows and Conferences.

Fairs publishes the most important Trade Shows & Conferences on the website exponytt.se. There every one can find information about many various Trade Fairs & Conferences world wide.

Fairs can also advertise your company, your productes or your services to your target group via Online channels, news letter, direct target emailing. Our Onlinexpo services can expose your company, your products and your services to your target group easily.
Please, let us know if you have questions via email or why not give us a call?

The advertising banners on Fairs website, news letter and the emailing to the target groups make Exponytt to an attractive platform for the promotion of trade exponytt. Our advertising services, increases the amount of visitors to the fair’s website, which in turn leads to increased amount of visitors / exhibitors in the fair. We work in a unique and measurable way and are 100% results oriented.

Ask us about Fairs:
For more information about Participants on Trade Fairs, Exhibitions or Conferences or for more details and ordering, please, send us an email to; info@exponytt.se – or call us to; +46 704 800 300.
We will get back to you shortly, within 1 business day, normally.

Upcoming Events

Interfiliére New York
New York - 09/20/2018 09:00 AM
FoodTec 2016
Messukeskus - Helsinki, Finland 09/20/2018 09:00 AM
FoodTec & PacTec
Messukeskus - Helsinki, Finland 09/20/2018 09:00 AM


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